3 thoughts on “2016 Chrima Cards #8

  1. Yay. You got my gift. Hope it fits. Am I cuckoo. So. This morning a show was trying to download.

    I cancel it. Refresh. Nothing. Go to see more episodes. Nothing. Refresh. Nothing. Now you
    Have a little show.

    Ugh. I’m too lazy to get my iPod and see if there’s a new show. Anyway. I hope you like the T-shirt and
    Hope it fits.

  2. I would strongly suggest that you wear safety glasses for the next time that you see the light bulb

    Thank you for calling

  3. Figs, I just love how you transition so easily from one sausage to another. “Oh yes he didn’t have any underwear on. You remember that sage pork I bought?” That, sir, is talent.

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