BFO2319 – Optimistic Opening

Today’s LITTLE show was recorded earlier so that BF could catch up on the 10 Chrima cards he received. Unfortunately he only opened 2. Don’t forget that the Chrima Comment Contest end on Wednesday. Happy National Hard Candy Day.

7 thoughts on “BFO2319 – Optimistic Opening

  1. I won’t admit how I know this, but listening to the December Christmas Contest Bumpah on double speed makes it a lot more enjoyable!

  2. I’ve been called out! Dear Gussy!

    Safe travels this week. Have lots of fun and gentlemen callers.

  3. I can’t believe Chrima is so close already! Where does the time go? Probably spent listening to way too many episode of the little show. 🙂 I’ll make sure to give a couple of calls in solely for content purposes

  4. Has anybody else noticed the amazing enthusiasm and gusto Digger sings about
    Big Fatty’s sack? And should T-Wiggles be concerned?

  5. So cold here this morning that I had to use two hipsters’ man buns as ear muffs!

    Not that kind of man buns. What filthy minds you have! I mean the hairstyle. The hairstyle!

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