8 thoughts on “BFO1034 – Spotting Big Fatty

  1. Yay to the winner. I won’t spoil the surprise.

    I am pretty sure HatM’s guess was either the ‘Feels/Seems Like’ or he just misunderstood it to mean the Number of ‘Minutes, calls, words and breaths combined times 100’.

    How dare you HatM!!!

    That was a good play though by TurnipHed. Love JM.

    I still cannot believe the number of people that played – hah!

    Have a Great day off.

  2. Cathy, it’s not me, it’s Big Fatty that can’t read Mexican.
    I guessed 114,0625 (that’s one hundred and fourteen and 0625 decimals) not one million one hundred farty thousand six hundred twenty five!

  3. Hahaha, that Spotting Big Fatty site is funny. I see they used some of the pictures I made. But I’m not enough crazee to spoil energy on that kind of stuff, so sorry not responsible for that one. Must be Kim since her Lodge isn’t working lately.

  4. And by the way he read the 7 digits wrong.
    I hope they don’t rip him off with a 7 digit salary, cause he would only get a 6 digit transfer.

  5. You said you gave me a hard time. That’s VULGAH, Big Fatty!

    Speaking of hard time, doesn’t KC in Denver have an e-normous penis? He won $21. A dollar for every inch.

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