4 thoughts on “BFO1054 – Bacon Winner

  1. Did the Skull turn the light off in the closet? Or did she leave it on? I love young Larry when he had to deal with her.

    Thanks Everyone for playing!

    OMG!!!! David, Brenda, Danburys, Guru!!!! Daryl in the Novas! Love Guru, so funny!! Love it!! Hah! Dear Gussie!!! Love Kevin!! Moose!! Love Moose! Nessa! OMG! I love you all!!! Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Peter! Awe! Loverly! Just Loverly! My campaign was a HUGE Success!! Yes! Love the long messages! RJ! Dennis, yes! Hey you, your voice is out there! RJ – two RJ’s! Ramble! Wonderful! Dear Gawd!!! Timmy and Turnip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be still my beating heart! I love you each and everyone!!

    BF – you didn’t vote for me …. How Dare you!!!!!!!

    This is the BEST show ever, and I know HatM & Kim Voted in spirit!!!

    The RJ that won is my best friend from Maryland, Frederick!

  2. So sorry for Bacon loosing again. That must be a depressing failure. She must be eating herself from sadness. Does that count as self cannibalism?

  3. I commented that as it was happening – It looks to me as a speech at the Oscars or Golden Globes or something, just B.S.C. And no better word for it! Love it!

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