5 thoughts on “BFO110 – Could It Be Magic?

  1. Lol – I am so happy that you got my little present 🙂

    I thought it might be useful the next time you need to fake an orgasm 🙂

    Love you so much xo M

  2. Yeah! I got the Memory Lane Music right today! I knew it!

    I listened to LK Today right after your show and he talked about going to that theater too and what he was going to have off the menu. Funny.

    Have a great trip!

  3. Fatty, Fatty, Fatty. I think this is the second time this week that you have shocked me and appalled me with your lack of fund of knowledge. You’re slipping in your old age. SERIOUSLY? You’ve NEVER heard of The Big Lebowski? Say it isn’t true.

    Safe travels friend. Have a wonderful 4oJ.

  4. L O F*in L.

    Yours, my lovie, is the ONLY damn podcast I DON’T fast forward through parts of.

    Have a WONDERFUL trip. I wish we could be there.

    Hug Corrimal for me.

    Sweaty kisses,

  5. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. As a kid, I used to watch reruns of the 3 Stooges every afternoon after school. Sadly, to this day I STILL quote little routines from it. Sigh! I really need some new material.

    Have fun on the left coast!

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