BFO1135 – Louie the Englishman

Dr. Stone is back and we recap the first part of the Gay Days weekend highlights to include the podcasting dinner. More details on the Tuesday LITTLE show. Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day.

3 thoughts on “BFO1135 – Louie the Englishman

  1. BREAKING NEWS! According to Dr. Stone, you must have first-hand knowledge of information in order for it to be true.

    Welcome to the bold new era!

  2. Hey big fatty it’s Mario and mike the 2m’s or like you said in ur broadcast “The Mexicans”lol just wanted to say hi and had a great time at vodka fest with you guys and may I say you were very entertaining and funny. I liked your show abut gay days and we both look forward to listening to more when available . Let me kno look me up in Facebook under Mario amaro frm Houston Texas or by my email. so I can befriend you and add podcast to my page so everyone can have a listen to you . Hope your doing good and continue the great work . Bye !

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