BFO1401 – Discounted Refreshments

The Fat One calms the troubled waters of those easily irritated by those who fly off the handle about bumpers and segment music whilst recapping the weekend. Happy National Herbs and Spice Day.


4 thoughts on “BFO1401 – Discounted Refreshments

  1. Were they BIG boobs or LONG boobs. I recall dreading getting a set of my own. Dear. Gussie.

  2. Fey doesn’t like bumpers because umms and aaahhh and uuuhhhhs are so much better. I love you fat!

    Making me lol – uh, anyway, uh I uh was uh off uh to uh…

  3. Candy Crush!!!! How dare you!!!

    Oh! It was lovely meeting Nought. Hello! He is the celeb!

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