6 thoughts on “BFO1428 – Cosmofabrication

  1. Good stuff! The title was enough to make me smile alone. Good to see you fire up. Hope your Thursday is a bit better.

  2. Ugh. Mail order pharmacy is the worst! I work for one and I absolutely hate filling scripts with them. (HATE).. And working for them….
    Hope today is better!

  3. Poor Hat.

    By the end of the week ~ but they spared you the minor detail that they are sending it 4th class to arrive in 14 days or less.

    Level 65 is my favorite. Been on it for over 10 days I’m sure. Lol.

  4. Jeepers! I hope you didn’t elevate Amy’s blood pressure. She is with child. Our first Pride Baby, right? Wonder if Joey can get that shirt in infant sizes.

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