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  1. I giggled too when I saw the instagram Kim beaver asking if she knew her. who doesn’t know crazy bacon?! If not they should! I’ll message her to.

  2. Haba. oh my gosh it was it was so strange I will find the comment and I’ll send a picture of it to ya if I didn’t already maybe I already sent it to do. return return okay Google just take my return to my! okay the lady is blonde and pretty and the first thing I did when I looked at her was yeah she probably could use an extra large shirt um for real so then she was posting um about a her daughter jordan and when I really became suspect in her daughter got an Alabama license plate I’m sorry drivers license then I was kind of wondering if it really was Archimedes for and then I decided that well she followed me first but just like the Beverly Center area with the telephone number call waiting she probably followed me because I was taking him beaver in Instagram I seriously think the best thing I could probably do to save the rest of my face what’s left of it would be to just throw away all my electronics and never say another word to anyone. I was actually thinking hats and I could do a podcast called the pizza and puzzle podcast I sent him a puzzle to Mexico and told him I would have a putting together party test and I sent one to that too and I bought the same one for myself what’s lead the same company the same brand of the same size but each different pictures and I told him as soon as he’s done with his garden in his house in horticultural season is over but we could put the puzzle together and have a contest and I would give a price to the person who finished first the way we would keep track of who finished first as we would have to keep time of all the times that we spent working on our puzzles he said that I would cheat how dare he

  3. Lol – great story again – Kathy, you simply are amazing!
    I wonder if that instagram Beaver is related to me somehow, maybe a cousin twice removed?

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