6 thoughts on “BFO1430 – BSCPP

  1. An ornament “south of the boarder”? Dear Gussie!!! What is Peter talking about BigFatty?
    I think you need to make that the next show art!

  2. I use to live in Kahala in the 80’s/90’s and clean pools.
    There was one in Portlock that was owned by a well known adult magazine owner. I was told to put 2 tabs in instead of the usual 1 tab.
    Just say’n

  3. I was half listening to some woman on the radio today from a US station talking about how Detroit is in the shit ,when I realised it was Kathy Bacon!!!
    I waited until the woman broke out in uncontrollable laughter but it never came. Nup….must have been a wanna be.

  4. So CaCP Joey wants a recipe on how to “Roofie” Mike Lawson? Here’s a recipe… Take a 2mg Rohypnol and add it to any drink. Presto. The pill can be crushed of solid. The hard part is finding the Rohypnol. Happy date raping. UGH… Didn’t you watch the news in the mid-to-late 90’s?
    (I don’t know why but this question annoyed the shit out of me.)

  5. A PNSexplosion caller once sent them a recipe for Piña Co-lonopins. It’s crushed up Klonopins used to rim a Piña Colada . Klonopin is similar to Rohypnol…

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