2 thoughts on “BFO1525 – Black Friday Drinks

  1. Amazed you aren’t the least bit schloshed!!

    Totally enjoy these pre-recordered little shows.

    I’m 6 hours and 20 minutes from my weekend. There is no one here mostly so I’m suffering through some training videos they will never put to use. My conscience won’t allow me to lie about listening to them.

    Speaking of conscience – where is he & Poodle while you two sit and talk about vanilla vodka?

    There was a picture of a turkey on FaceSpace of two right hands and a turkey – I was going to write: My what nice fists they have. But then came to my senses. Um. I can’t believe I wrote that. But I will leave it. I’m sure everyone is out shopping and digger and twigfles most likely won’t see this.

    So! I did see the trash compactor in the picture and a basket fill of zip lock bags – must be all their partially eaten debauchery snacks.

    Alright. This woman Jo Manion is yacking. I better listen.

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