3 thoughts on “BFO1526 – Farewell Drinks and Driving Home

  1. Your calendar was lovely!!

    Safe travels.

    Please. Give vader an air kiss from me he didn’t call at three. However I woke at 11:11 but didn’t make a wish because the clock is fast. Woke again at 1:01 and again at 3:26 and again at 4:29. Hate me.

  2. Breaking News: hiatus extension. Instead I’m going to post here ~ you need not respond. (:

    Listening to Brian and Curtis just brings me joy. Seeing them in person in ‘shy’ mode and then listening to the show is just – what’s the words!??!?!?

    Now I’m listening to seven episodes of Pod is my CoPilot. 9/26 forward.

    Look forward to hearing about your visit to the hats.

    Technology question: is there a wireless keyboard for my TV yet?

  3. Watching White Christmas for the first time ever.

    Does Vera know these people? Do you watch it? It’s pretty good. I think my daughter would like it too – she likes dance and musicals.

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