BFO159 – A C*cksucker of a show

The Fat One is hoping that this episode works because there’s a throw down on British John, a “Biloxi Blues” update and some Archer-inspired “Memory Lane” music.  P.S. The Fat One CAN retire from the Coal Mine today after working there 28 years.

10 thoughts on “BFO159 – A C*cksucker of a show

  1. Oh Larry! That made my day!

    Uh, Fatty. Is there a little floppage in the boxers on stage??? Will there be pics? Any chance you could post a YouTube video of the show after its run?

    You should do some more shows when you’re tired. You’re pretty fu…damn. I forgot what I was going to say.

  2. Hi Big Fatty.

    I’m somewhat of a new listener. I started listening a few episodes ago after some mentions in Ryan and Jason’s podcast from The Way We See It. I love listening to you on my way to work… or sometimes when I’m falling asleep like Vera. Haha.

    No seriously, you’re friggin hillarious. I love your theme music and Biloxi Blues music. It reminds me of cheesy game show music from the 80’s. We have that passion in common. (I’d watch Press Your Luck all day if I could).

    Anyway, good luck with your production this weekend. Break a leg!

    Dale in Vancouver

  3. Such editing in this one. You are getting really good at that.

    I didn’t know the memory lane music but glad it was inspired by me. 🙂

    Camel no filters? Yuck! You certainly were tired during that second part.

    Congrats on being able to retire. I would if I could.

  4. Was Lord Byron trying to start something up with me about Daniel? hehehe

    You know you lie when you say you didn’t photoshop the show. Clearly you did. 🙂 If you could only post your shows as well as you photoshop. I’m teasing!

  5. Congrats on the retirement. It’s great knowing you can anytime, isn’t it. Also, was it Recruit #2 that had the wardrobe malfunction? Did that big snake of his get out of the cage?

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