BFO1710 – Pope of Podcasting

The Fat One continues to celebrate his Exiting of the Birth Canal with cards and calls today but there is also a Pride 48 update. Happy Humping!


2 thoughts on “BFO1710 – Pope of Podcasting

  1. And….a surprise little gift for me.
    I’m on my way to regaining my title as BF’s ONLY international str8 boyfriend!!
    Poor Nought. Not only will he be forced to drink Bud, he’s going to have to enter the world BF’s DOMESTIC str8 boyfriends.
    Woo Hoo!

  2. You can catch up!! Ha! That is hilarious.

    They don’t know this but I’m totally going to be at the fair concert when they call me to catch up.

    I probably should just back put so they can do something else. Dang it!
    Maybe we can FaceTime!’

    Lol! Better wear panties.

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