BFO1748 – Come Clean

The Fat One natters through the 20 minutes with an Ask Big Fatty question and some stories about dementia (and stupidity). Happy American Beer Week.



  1. I’m confused. Are the announcing duties coming up or have they happened?

    How long do you have to practice the names without vowels?

    I love Kim Beaver and her Kindle.

    My new leaf …. LOL.

    Chased the moon this morning Fatty. It was so huge and not very bright. So I whipped my car
    Around and my phone out and sorry – my droid would have
    Captured the picture Much better.

    So. I dig out the guru nudie camera and speed to the highway
    And by speed I mean one mile over the limit.
    And I get out there and nothing. It’s gone.

    It was like a backdrop for a Hollywood movie.

    3 weeks to the crystal room cruise.
    Do you think I would like a cruise?
    Me and Sydnee and her father?
    I will listen to this show at 9:15.

  2. Lord. That’s long.

  3. I love Kathy Bacon. She always makes me smile 🙂
    And I loved the funny stories you read today 🙂 Good start of the day!

  4. Lurry dean smooches KB.

    Lurry dean is spoken for by the way.

    He lets me beat him at WWFs.