9 thoughts on “BFO1769 – They Had ’tude

  1. Bless YOU lovie!!!

    You have the most wonderful gift of bringing people together. You are like the center of the milky way where everyone circles around you. (Yes, Daniel, we know what’s hidden in the center of our galaxy.) You bring out the best in people. You make it so easy to love you, even when you fart, belch, squeak and squirt – or maybe because of all that.

    What you see is the reflection of what you give to us dear – we love you so much, you are the greatest, most gorgeous and stunningly beautiful…

    Excuse me? What? Why? This is not ” (206) 202-3723 Woodland Hills, CA 91365″? ? ? Are you sure? Oh dear…

    Oh, I’m sorry – my mistake 🙁 Never mind, forget what I said. I must have mixed up something here. I am easily confused .
    Damn those silly smart phones . It is so difficult when you have fat fingers. Anyhow, have a nice day Sir and good bye!

  2. Very nice last speech! Now that we got to the last episode of the BFO, it was appropriate to have a big speech to thank you for all the content and years podcasting.
    Well now that this podcast is over I need to unsubscribe and look for another one.
    Thank you for calling!

  3. Wait..he had what seemed like sex with feelings with his OMRGC, and he’s getting a little emotional…..call me crazy, but I think someone is getting a visit from his friend that shows up once a month!

  4. LOL – we are bitches, aren’t we? 🙂

    The only one time BigFatty gets sappsy-sappsy-weepyweep like the Seabag in her best times 1948 when her career ended, and all he gets is cheap jokes

    – I love it 🙂

    Never quit. That’s an order!

  5. Kim is right, the things you receive are the things you give. We love you and care about you and want you to be happy. Tell, Ms. Kitty happy birthday from me. Happy most regular gentleman caller Hump Day!

  6. We old folks are getting sappy for sure. Had a couple tears in my eye. So happy for you with the new fat cave!

  7. I always comment first and then read the other comments.

    I was going to apologize for mine but I think it was the nicest after reading the others.

    Dear Lord! Don’t die before you reach 3,000! That would suck.

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