4 thoughts on “BFO184 – Tally Whacking Radish Planter

  1. Hey, did you know it was Holly’s birthday on Monday?

    I got all nostalgic when I heard the old LFC music. Miss that show.

    I used to watch re-runs of that Patty Duke show when I was much younger.

    I won’t even comment on your singing. hehehe

  2. Okay, I’ll admit it: I miss the LFC. I won’t try and be all macho and pretend otherwise. But, you know, whenever I hear Big Fatty doing the closing for the BFO, and I hear him give the voice letter line and all that, I expect Big Fatty to say, “Larry?!” But, of course I love the BFO.

    That website you provided sounds like a place where the Patron Saint of the BFO would hang out, him and Eric the Southern Boy (remember him?).

    I loved “The Patty Duke Show”—in reruns! I think the quote you were looking for was, “Wa-wa”. Isn’t she the only actress who’s portrayed both Helen Keller and what’s-her-name Sullivan or whatever? Anyway, in that show, Patty Duke’s father was Milton the Toaster. It’s true.

    Plant a raddish? For real? Sheesh, if that’s a real musical, then I guess I have to turn in my gay card…

  3. Having also done The Fantasticks several times, I can truly say that I have NEVER heard anything quite like your rendition of “Plant a Radish”.

    Oh, and Arthur. If you think THAT song’s bizarre, you should listen to “This Plum is Too Ripe” from the same musical.

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