6 thoughts on “BFO22- Afloat on a Boat

  1. Sounds like you are having a good time so far! So glad you could podcast before you got on the boat.

    The hammock…..I just threw up a bit in my throat after that one.

    What do you do with fireman pants???

    When I heard the Memory Lane Music I knew I’d heard it before but couldn’t come up with the show. And then of course when you said it, I was like, yea, that’s it! I did guess John’s Memory Lane Music correctly.

  2. Yeah, I recognised the Memory Lane music as soon as Qcast started using it. I used to watch the show, back int he day, and Bill Mumy was in “Babylon 5” in later years.

    Archerr asked, “What do you do with fireman pants???” Well, slide down a pole, I presume… or play with a big hose….

  3. This Memory Lane Music was the original Lost in Space theme. The one we use on the QCast is the later seasons’ version. Two different tunes entirely.

    I just hope we don’t hear the theme to Gilligan’s Island. No good can come of that!

  4. Another great episode of deliciousness!

    Speaking of Gilligan’s Island – did you hear that Mary Ann was given 6 months probation for having pot?

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