6 thoughts on “BFO2311 – Paved Road

  1. Maybe the alligator crossed the road because the old cotton top that hit him needed a new purse?

  2. I loved that game night show.

    And Mikes outgoing message.

    You had me at lots (of Vader calls).

    OMG – the “what you were” skit. The never ending game to assign us a name. Who knew it would go on this long.

    Mercy. I love Larry so much.

  3. Gobble Larry. OMG. I’m falling.

    Sheesh!! I really do love the show art for Vader & Bacon.

    OK fart I’m working four hour days for the month of December

    We get the call from the College student last night around 1 AM about the vehicle snafu if you will I cannot fall back asleep because I’m just expecting more calls pictures to come through on his cellular telephonic device because my cellular telephonic device does not come in the bedroom so I could not go to sleep had a massive headache when I finally went to sleep I kept having little episodes where I think I would just be like in such a deep sleep and then instantly wake myself up needless to say I got up at 6 o’clock and called into work and said I cannot make my four hours today and I went back to bed and slept until 915

    Now it’s just a matter of fetching the vehicle and getting it back here so it can get fixed which smelly will do that tomorrow

  4. I think Larry Vader hangs up the phone during his calls. Maybe I should try calling too.

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