10 thoughts on “BFO2312 – Aquanet Live!

  1. People comment that they enjoy listening to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon talk when they are being interviewed in Boston as their accents come out. Well, they aren’t from Boston,they are from Cambridge, and neither is Boston Rob!!!! Arggh!!!
    Anyways….I really enjoyed listening to BF today as he was with his gay friends, talking to other gay friends, calling them honey, and sounding gayer than he does here.
    Kinda like when your foreign friend who you have only ever heard speak English starts to talk in his language to another person.
    I think I like him even more now.

  2. Figs, some of the food that you make sounds absolutely delightful! Howsabout you fly up to NY and cook me up some of it? I’m not sure if there’s any NY food you’d like but I’m sure I can cook up something. And think of how excited my wife would be!

  3. I want to trade my HOA for yours.

    Mine is the most disagreeable bunch I’ve ever dealt with. No food offered at our meetings. It would get thrown at people.

  4. And extra crispy crackers that are a little darker are just burned.

    Hey! Maybe I’m one of those disagreeable people too.

    Poor Moosey

  5. That is definitely my favorite line now poor Moosey

    I can’t believe you couldn’t understand what I was saying when you start the show when you say hello glove ease or hello late people or hello fart knockers or hello Porky pines that’s the stick I was talking about I’m not even going to correct the word stick anyway I can’t believe you didn’t know what I was talking about you always confuse everything I say and make me sound like the crazy one but you’re the crazy one fart

    So I’m totally loving my four hour days I seriously do not want to ever go back to working eight hours

    I am leaving to pick up Little Miss in a little bit and she and I are going to run an errand and then grab an early supper which I’m super excited for because I’m extremely hungry I have no food in my house or in my refrigerator I do have food in my freezer but it takes longer to cook and I had carrots and apple sauce for lunch or brunch

    So when Garrett comes home from college for Christmas break or summer break I was taking to the store and buy them food that he’ll cook or eat and he always makes me buy frozen fish and I have about eight bags of frozen fish so I think what we should have for Christmas is fish It’s salmon

    Everyone is doing a great job with the comments I’m totally enjoying them and let me apologize now for the 22nd 23rd 24th 25th and every other day after that where you absolutely have no comments

    I was thinking that if you are out of content maybe you could suggest that people write content ideas in the comments

  6. Ask Bigfatty question: cue the music…..

    Bigfatty, how long do we have to comment here for the chance to win the Amazon Charger plate? And do we get one entry per comment or per day? Were these excellent questions or just so so questions?

  7. So glad to hear Brendr and the LOTSL crew on today’s optimistic opening!

    There’s nothing like an optimistic opening. We all NEED an optimistic opening.

    Plus I watched a very tiny person–probably a child, not a munchkin–stomping vigorously in a rain puddle. She was carrying a PLAID umbrella and wearing PLAID galoshes. Made me just a little less disagreeable…

    Moose P is NEVER disagreeable.

  8. Fart. I sure hope you’re enjoying all the comments.

    Merry Chrimma buddy old (emphasis on the old) pal.

  9. This is the 36th comment since the little contest started.

    Went Chrimma shopping tonight. It’s so cold here. Might have a break and be in the thirties in a few days. Hear Chicago is getting a double whack.

    Sleepy time. Wait. Dice first.

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