5 thoughts on “BFO2313 – Bookend Us

  1. It is MINUS EIGHT this morning.

    People in Arizona are freezing in 58°

    Let’s talk about freezing. My car seat was like a brick.

  2. This episode went by so fast and I don’t know what to comment on! I can’t even think of anything clever or funny! Ms. Bacon, I don’t know where you are but minus right sound horrible! I thought 22 this morning was bad here in Albany. I know next week we’re supposed to have an eight degree day but that’s still 16 degrees warmer.

  3. No1boyfie is a mathematician. I love it.

    See that ~ he calculated all that math.

    I listen to the little trainwreck at 9:00 daily.

    Sheri just said a funny on Bob & Sheri ~ she said – hey, wait, Tommy can use this in his act.

    We do everything we aren’t supposed to with über ~ we get into a car with a stranger after calling a stranger and telling him/her where you live.

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