6 thoughts on “BFO2496 – Motel 5

  1. Congratulations guys,what a nice story.
    A pretty special relationship between Brian and BF as well.
    All the best guys.

  2. First off, congrats guys!!!! What a great story
    Secondly, when are we getting a virtual tour of the villa? I can suggest some apps that take full 360 degree pictures.
    And thirdly, if you aren’t BIG, and you aren’t FAT, are you at least ONLINE?? everything I thought I k ew is a lie!!

  3. An Eclipse Proposal , how very romantic! Congratulations to the happy couple!

    Big Fatty, your villa sounds like the place to be!

    Hugs Xxoo Francie

  4. Congrats on your engagement. How sweet is that???

    Fart you have the best listeners ever.

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