6 thoughts on “BFO262 – Skim Milk and Bean U.

  1. Do I recognise “The Outer Limits”?!! I never missed it (though in reruns…). And I may have entered the outer limits, because I’m now all caught up with my BFO. Weird. A minute ago I coulda sworn I heard Bun E. Rabbit talking…

  2. I did not recognize The Outer Limits because I never watched that show. It must have been before my time. That would explain why you and Arthur both knew it….you’re MUCH older than I am. 🙂

  3. Hey “Mr. B.S. Fatty” – may I remind you that the idea for your new show art was originally mine? Of course it was a rather obvious thing to point out, but why giving her all the exclusive rights again?

  4. Thanks Big Fatty for shout out. My dog will more than likely lick you instead of peeing on you. Love ya!

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