6 thoughts on “BFO284 – Off to Ft. Leatherdale

  1. Lent THIS.

    I hope you get NORO.

    But in a good way.

    You’re not gonna find a life jacket big enough by the way.

    Sink or Swim kisses,

    Oh and PS – Kimberly Locke!!!!??!?! Wow!! Not.

  2. Hey Vera, he could wrap one of those inflatable life boats around his fat ass – just in case 🙂

    Have a safe trip darling – and enjoy the men (you know that they cannot escape you on a ship, how very clever 🙂

    xo and aloa!

  3. Who the fuck is Kimberly Locke?

    Happy cruising.

    Hope there is much inappropriate touching.

  4. What??? Youre going on a cruise? You never mentioned you were doing that!


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