5 thoughts on “BFO417 – Bursting at the Seams

  1. Club Patrick’s, also known as Patricks.bloodfisting.com
    Also, do you think it’s wise to get a SodaStream? You know how gassy you are now already…

  2. I’m still listening even though I don’t podcast. What would I do while eating my cheerios if I didn’t listen to you?

    I also enjoyed that part by Dragon…tragic.

  3. FREE THE HOSTAGES!!! (and I’m not talking about having a wank!!)
    WTF?? Is it ratings week in pod cast world?? I feel like I’m waiting to see who shot JR!!

  4. One more..had a craving for the pork in B+M baked beans today which are not sold here.
    Is it possible that this could be the tastiest of all pork products?

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