5 thoughts on “BFO421 – Football Creamsicles

  1. Exactly what the Fat One needs… more alcohol.

    I am so glad that Miss Kitty survived that Amsterdam incident but I doubt it was the coffee shop gift he had got himself there. Jumping into a canal is just the first thing that crosses your mind if you are unfortunate enough to witness BigFatty cutting the Dutch cheese.

  2. As soon as I heard the old LFC theme I started smiling. Good times, good times. Then when I heard the two of you would hoist it live, I wet myself! Okay, at my age that’s bound to happen, but I was still excited. Mind you, it doesn’t take much these day…

  3. In honor (horror?) of BF and LaLaLauren, I’m enjoying a hefty dollop Hellman’s mayonnaise and delicious fresh tomato slices with my EggBeaters.

  4. Hey BF

    My sources tell me that the orange uniorrms were to commemorate the 40th anniversararium of Monday Night Football. That’s what they wore in the early years of Big Fatty I guess.

  5. You could have bacon, egg, lettuce, cheese, and candian bacon sammich.

    I also love the sports. I find it fun to watch guys in hot tight pants playing sports. Sorry ricky.

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