7 thoughts on “BFO46 – Gazing Southern Style

  1. It’s always fun hearing you to chat. I didn’t know that Eric has been in New York for 8 years. You always learn new things about the people Big Fatty has on the Gaze.

  2. You know, I don’t know how I knew so much about Eric before BFO. Might be that secret stalking–oh wait, if I mention it, does that meant it’s not secret anymore? Great Gaze as always, BF. I really like this segment!

  3. Very nice Gaze again. Eric seems to be such a nice and funny guy 🙂
    Originating from Greece myself I loved hearing what you said about my wonderful home land. But Eric, let me tell you one thing. Vegetarians are quite lost in Greece. It is a concept that is completely incomprehensible to the Greek. No meat? Not even lamb? Oh my God, these crazy Americans. If you order a vegetarian meal there you usually get just the salad and some cold slaw at the side (and you pay the full price for a 5 course meal – you are in Greece after all).
    But if you go to Mykonos you will get all kind of meat from all over the world and most of it is really hot.

    Big Fatty, you really should come and visit Greece. There we still esteem and respect the elderly 🙂

  4. thanks for the comment big fatty. im gonna add ur podcast to my favourites list on my site tomorrow. right now im on the episode right before ur leaving for the cruise.
    i tried to watch big brother tonite, and one word honey…HORROR! when james started crying those non-existent tears i was soo over it.
    thats amore on mtv finished up tonite
    tila tequila a shot at love is coming bak april 22nd
    and u already know about real world hollywood (its like the 20 RW season!) and i will add myself to the map!

  5. thats good b/c james was annoying. u go to the RW hollywood page on wikipedia where they talk about all the characters and it’s like “aspiring actour” under everyone. there’s this bodybuilder ex-druggie in there who is kinda cute.
    vh1 has a new quiz show out calld “viva hollywood” (i saw a clip of it lastnite). basically they put a bunch of HOTT latin guys/girls in a house, and they compete for a walk on role in a telenovela (spanish soap opera). it’s in english, it’s really dramatic, and the guys are hott.

    i posted your review on my site, scroll down and look under the “gay” section.

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