7 thoughts on “BFO45 – 4 Minutes of Horror & Fried Bologna

  1. I loved “My Favorite Martian,” too. I knew the music right away. But for some reason, I don’t remember any of the colour episodes. Maybe it’s the same reason I sometimes visualise my past in black & white.

  2. I watched My Favorite Martian in reruns…I don’t remember it being in color. I remember having a crush on Bill Bixby.

    I can’t wait to hear all those non-podcaster voice letters next week!

  3. Big Fatty,
    not only did I eat fried bologna sandwiches, we LOVED a fried Spam sandwich as a kid.

  4. Thanks for the helpful recipe, Big Fatty.

    The way the economy is going…we could all be eating fried bologna sandwiches for dinner…every night.

  5. Big Fatty I think you have CRS. It sounded like you didn’t remember me when you announced that voice letter I left with Ramble Redhead. I’m going to move to Charleston and marry Larry H. Vader, afterall, he likes to do me in the butt.

    And about the fried bologna, I love that, my mom used to make it for me in the summer when I was a child.

  6. Glad you enjoyed the message we left for you – Lauren is an awesome person even though she wants to marry Larry but the good thing is that she did promise I could do her up the butt too!

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