BFO463 – Forgotten Bagels

The Fat One features the Patron Saint of the BFO and Ron Prada-Soho on today’s show since this may be the last we hear from them as they prepare to avoid deer urine during their visit to the Surface of the Sun.  Happy National Chicken Soup for the Soul day.  Dear Gussie!


8 thoughts on “BFO463 – Forgotten Bagels

  1. Oh and….can I advertise here for a housemate? The Pommie Ranga is doing a runner.
    $165p/w -non-smoker

  2.  “I don’t know what I’m doing”, BFO, today. So true… Love the long SILENT patches today 
     ruined 

  3. I haven’t listened yet but from the comments I’m in for a treat. Also, in iTunes it says this one is only 19 minutes and 24 seconds long. I guess there was a problem. I’ll listen to find out.

  4. Dear gussie I thought 501 was coming up sooner than January! (= I was so excited about the show art idea I just couldn’t contain myself.

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