5 thoughts on “BFO567 – Scratch It!

  1. Whomp Whomp! My sincere apologies BigFatty – that scratch off bit was about as exciting as an episode of Vera Speaks!

    All is not lost though, I was playing along at home on a Tanqeray & Tonic Double or Nothing scratch off card. Big Winner, I got two limes!! It’s yours when you get to the Floridas…

  2. Eloise? -that’s a song by the Damned.
    Well, that’s another 20 minutes of gay sunshine safely banked.
    BFO has become my breakfast show. -Though I usually have to wait until it’s over before I can actually eat anything.

  3. Has Mr Veder bought an ipad for his best pal, too? I hear that it is brilliant espec. for the seniors and the computraly challenged 🙂

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