19 thoughts on “BFO601 – Labor of Love

  1. I would rather start to like my fat lesbian cousin (twice removed) than unsubscribe.
    Dear Gussie!

    PS: Did you know how important it is to floss after having had a gentleman caller to prevent cavities? Ok, I know it is quite pointless to tell you to avoid cavities, I know. At least this advice was without charge. Love you BigFatty

  2. Oh no, as much as I hate it to agree with my fat gay cousin (twice removed) I do. There is no show like the BFO and I really cannot understand why anybody would say something ugly about it.
    The BFO is the center of the podoverse and I thank you for all the fun and love you give us 5 days a week. I could not imagine my life without you BigFatty.

    Your lovies in lovieworld love you!

    xo kb

  3. I wonder if the people who hurt Big Fatty’s feelings have str8 men around the world that love THEM as much as we do Big Fatty?
    Happy Birthday Postie.Go the Demons!

  4. Ugliness on the intertubes? Poopy, but as you say, a special Love-Call from Auntie Vera makes up for it.

    You know, Loverman is starting to use Big Fattyisms, but so far, fortunately, just in his sleep … Dear Gussy!

  5. Who were those mean bitches,,,let me at ’em…let me at ’em. I will give them some green gas and fog they will never ever forget. I am just as good as BF when it comes to gassious explosions. I am bigger than BF and I can sit on their twinky ass and blow them up, with my green gas. It will take them years to recover and lots and lots of therapy….LOL

    Love Ya BF,

  6. Ain’t no other BigFatty in this world… 10,000 curses (shriveled peckah, empty ballzac, flappy va-jay-jay lips, etc.) on anyone who hates on our Poopalizzy.

    Who loves ya, BigFatty? LurryDean, that’s who.

  7. Ugh. Big Fatty, I’d rather you put up a picture of your balls up the next time you talk about the tongue lashings. The beef tongue is making me ill.

  8. How daaaare they mess with my Big Fatty!! Just say the word and that bully will be handled!! I’ll f*&$ those chumps up!! Just remember, for every one dork who doesn’t ilke your show, there are hundreds of cool people who love your show and you!! Chins up!!

  9. I was weak. I was young and I needed the money!


    PS – It did not fall on old deaf ears that you not only did NOT refer to me as TSH, but you also spoke my web address. It’s a love fest.


  10. Anyone who doesn’t love Big Fatty should take a look at themselves because there’s something wrong with THEM.

  11. What’s all the hoopla about? I kid! Alright – I will donate $12 to the parking. All you have to do is put everyones name I a hat – they HAVE to be going & driving to the dinner to qualify – so maybe you should pick more than one winner – throw the names in the paper clip and pick one and then I will send you $12. Money makes people happy!


    Whatever the biz is going on, everyone should hand stuff the way you did – your mama raised you right!!!

    Mush-mush! Lest I not forget, Vera was so suave – right? Loved that call best of all!! You betcha!

    Rambling, rambling.

    Oh, can I also bribe caller number …

  12. I will cut the bitch that has the nerve to insult my Big Mama, er I mean Big Fatty. Love ya Big! I look forward to the show every day!

  13. You tell SteveINtheUKok who said something nasty about Big Fatty and Steve will sort it out.

    Anyone who has said anything bad will be 6ft under by sundown!

    Let me just check back on my emails….oh shit! I’m first in line !!!!!


    (P.S. There is no parking charge, that $50 is just Julian’s restaurant finders fee!!!! )

  14. Now…..why would Big Fatty be purchasing a big ‘ol tongue like that……what is he going to use that for?

    OH MY!

    Steve in the yUhK !!!

  15. I’m sorry those buttholes messed up your mood… but it’s safe to say that you’ve got a monster posse that loves you like crazy 🙂

    Also, I wish I could get that geeeeeeerooooosssssss tongue picture out of my brain! *hurl*

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