6 thoughts on “BFO603 – Ham Radio

  1. Dream of becoming a T.V. Evangelical preacher…..RUINED!
    It’s been a long time coming….this computer gets a breathalyzer starter kit attached to it on Friday.

  2. You are really getting old when you cannot remember your exact age anymore (like me) i habe lied so often about my age that I have to look it up when I need the real one 🙁

  3. Thanks BF, now that I turned the big 40, I have more responsibility and moral obligation to correct and natter on to those of the younger generation.
    Keep it fat and raise a glass for another year ruined.

  4. I’m too tired to leave a voice letter right now, but I wanted to tell you what happened when I was doing my Krogerin at the Publix this morning. The young lady rang up my order and then said, “did you want the penny coupon item?” That’s the first time that’s happened to me there. It’s like Big Fatty was watching over me. So, um, sorry about the panty crickets comment.

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