11 thoughts on “BFO63 – Be Nicer

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about what the book says. Kindergarten is a very important year of learning. Thanks for sharing!

    Corndogs? Really? Really?

    I am not at all familiar with the Star Trek movies or TV shows so that music meant nothing to me. I am not into the sci fi stuff. The music was nice but I didn’t know it.

  2. I loved Deep Space Nine – it was one of my favorite Star Trek spin offs – and that Commander was soooo hot. He was always playing with his base balls.
    Thanks for that sweet memory!
    Oh, I am sure that your corn dog is delicious :))

  3. Big Fatty,
    That stuff at the beginning really meant a lot to me. I know people have been at each other lately and I really don’t see the point in it all. Shouldn’t we all just get along… We should all hold onto your base balls and sing Kumbayah!!!! (or however you spell it)…
    Can’t wait to see you!!!

  4. OMFG! You played the theme music to my all-time favourite TV show! It’s even the ring tone on my cellphone–I kid you not (my previous phone had the theme music to “Star Trek Voyager”). Go ahead, call me a geek or a nerd or gomo; Wes already did (can you imagine?!).

    We don’t have corn dogs here, but in NZ “hot dogs” are battered sausages on a stick (places also sell “American hot dogs”, but no corn dogs).

    “Crowning”! We say it’s “poking its nose out” or “prairie dogging”. Amazing how many ways there are to talk about toilet functions without actually talking about them.

    The Kindergarten book talk was an inspired choice, BF. Maybe we could send copies to people as a random act of kindness.

  5. Ryan, honestly, Kumbayah? Either there was something really nasty in your sushi or you are f*cking kidding me – probably the latter – I can never tell when you are serious.

    Ok I have to stop- I can already hear Big Fatty’ s whining and howling that he is NOT a post office.
    Alright Big Fatty, be nice and shut up :)) (and I say this with love and in a caring way)

  6. Dad, All joking aside, I think what you said in the beginning of your show was sweet and classy. I have always said behind the farts, you are a very charming man.

    I like the short term memory lane music!

  7. You know, my grandmother also loved Robert Fulghum. I see the comparison between you two, actually.

    As far as not getting along… That’s how she do.

  8. Big Fatty,

    Thanks for the inspiring beginning to your podcast. I just love your show. Thanks for taking the time to podcast.

  9. Who knew you were an old softie? Oh, your fat! I guess we all coulda figured that out!

    I got to stimulating the economy with the BF’s check that was direct deposited this week also (mine, with my allowance for the two kids included won’t be towards the END of the process due to my SHITTY SSN!). So we had been wanting this FAT new fridge, which we ended up buying, earmarking the Economic Stimulus package for the purchase. BUT THEN TODAY, this VERY MORNING, the boyfriend had ANOTHER blow out on his crappy car with his CRAPPY “low-profile” (supposed to be “sexy”) tires. I was so pissed to have to go change YET ANOTHER tire, that I just had them put on four new wheels and four new tires at a grand total of…well, more than the balance of our two checks together!

    Good show Fatty.

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