5 thoughts on “BFO64 – A Humpwreck

  1. Aww – wonderful ML Music today – I loved Will & Gross so much – esp. “Just Fat” this must be the best gay quote ever. Remember – Just Fat!!!!

    I guess little David TBJG has sniffed a bit too much at those horrible underpants of yours – my cousin is already going to sue. Although, I don’t think he has much to worry about because cheap as she is she hired that frisky little pup Ryan down there in Orlando to defend her copyrights. Oh Lord – ruined from the very beginning –

    Love you and your show, be it crazy, serious or trainwrecked – xo

  2. Funny about the word camisole.

    I knew Will and Grace when the first note started. I love that show. I have them all on DVD.

  3. Ain’t you the little schoolmarm this week? Teaching kindness…teaching about the origins of words…what else ya got up in there, eh?!?

    NEVER saw a single episode of Will & Grace. Does that make me a bad gay? I did, however, recognize the theme song…

    Pssst. I know you’re not easily shocked by discussions of sex, and/or foul language…so I know “schoolmarm” doesn’t REALLY apply…unless it does! Don’t call me out on not knowin’ my meanings!

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