7 thoughts on “BFO65 – Rabbit F*ck

  1. hey Big Fatty,

    yes, u are indeed CORRECT – ‘Vic’ is for Victoria. the state down the bottom, with the bad weather.

    of course, all true Aussie Homos live in QUEENSland, like me.

  2. Hooray Hooray!
    The First of May!
    Outdoor fucking starts today!!

  3. Oh Wise Fat One,

    I liked your idea of the “NatterCast,” but I would insist that you be the third person so that you can provide the comic relief (read: keeping people awake).

  4. Birthday month begins! I need to get an Amazon list going so I can get lots of gifts by my birthday on May 29th. 🙂

    Now I know you are going to find this hard to believe but I NEVER watched Melrose Place…and had no idea what the music was. Give me the address and I’ll send in my gay card. hahaha

  5. OH LEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD, I never saw Melrose Place either…at least I’m in good company with Archerr…

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