5 thoughts on “BFO66 – Milk of Magnesia Needed!

  1. I didn’t watch Party of Five so I didn’t recognize the music at all. However, Scott Wolf was HOT and he’s the only one I remember being on that show.

    I think you need to post a video of you dancing….when you start watching “So You Think You Can Dance.” I think we’d all get a kick out of that.

    I’m looking forward to the Mole…it hasn’t been on in years!

    The horror room sounds a little gross…but for some reason I want to see pictures of the room and all the equipment. hahaha

  2. Dear God, you fat, nattering, drunk thing! Why isn’t Atlantis on your list of favorites over there?

  3. Fatty, I loved your “random act…” suggestion. Without boring you with the entirety of the details, I’ve participated in two such events via my office during the past couple of years. Two years ago, I went to a local children’s hospital and pulled into the parking garage and immediately went to the exit. I handed the attendant $100 and asked her to use it to pay for the parking for all the people that were leaving for the day until the money moved out. Last year I went to my favorite taco joint and ate breakfast for a couple of hours. I asked my waitresses to bring me all the bills for everyone in her section until they totaled $100, after paying the bill, I then handed the waitress a $100 bill.

    Good on you for passing on the goodness.

    Was Adam the ugly blonde with the fucked up eyes?

    I’m so excited about The Mole. I hope the delicious Anderson Cooper is back as hottie host.

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