BFO639 – Secret Button

The Fat One is loopy today as he natters about the BFO App, bagels and the Baby Jar.  **IMPORTANT** If you live in the UK, please get in touch with BF ASAP about the proposed day trip to London. **IMPORTANT**

4 thoughts on “BFO639 – Secret Button

  1. Pre-UK travel tips for Big Fatty
    Catch up on 2398 episodes of The Bill
    Check local definitons of the words “Root” and “Pissed”
    Costco- Lube
    Keep a camera handy in the toilets just in case George Michael shows up stoned looking for head.($$$Cha-ching!)

  2. Great tips Heloise.
    And remembe BFOers…..let’s all just keep our fingers crossed that Ragan Fox comes out with the words “Big Fatty” on the Big Brother.

  3. Hey BF,

    Wow, I have not heard a suticase being “the grip”, since my grandmother. My dad’s mother called it that. I wonder where that came from? Did your family do the same?

    David in Denver

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