BFO74 – Growing Old & G(r)ay — Our 30s

Big Fatty welcomes Auntie Vera Charles for a mini series of weekly chats on Growing Old and G(r)ay. To prove he is old, Big Fatty forgets to hit the record button when they talked about their 20s (basically 1976-1985). RUINED! So, today we discuss our experiences from our 30s (basically 1986-1995). Enjoy and look for the 40s installment next week.

8 thoughts on “BFO74 – Growing Old & G(r)ay — Our 30s

  1. I had tears in my eyes listening to this. You both are so sweet and cute. Thanks for sharing and thank you for that show art. I vomited not only a little this time.
    Honestly, your views about relationships were very interesting – and touching.

    Love you both

  2. LIstening to the 30’s makes me want to hear about the 20’s. Big Fatty came to an amazing conclusion in his 30’s. What a great discussion. I can’t wait for the 40’s. I think my 40’s are the best so I can’t imagine what you guys will have to say about those years.

  3. What an interesting show. Provided previously unknown deep insight in to all things BF.

  4. Old people are awesome.

    You know, I’ve been resisting going over to the AVC for a few weeks since everyone started talking about AVC. For one, I just don’t like being a follower. For two, I just don’t have enough extra time in my day to add ONE MORE PODCAST to my list. But after hearing y’all talk, I may have to just head over there. What an absolutely delightful man. I couldn’t agree with you more about “back in the day”. I’ve been playing a lot of “remember when” myself lately, and VC just made me smile thinking about the good old gays (spelt intentionally!).

    Thank you both for a wonderful show.

  5. I really loved this show and enjoyed hearing more about BF and that you were so honest about how you feel. It is yet another reason why I enjoy your show so much. I am glad you are happy living your life the way you are. I am a big fan of Auntie Vera Charles and glad had her back online! Can’t wait for next show!!

  6. I’m almost done with my 30’s and so far it has been the best for me. Though I did finally come into my own and accept who I was at age 27 and damn those that wanted me to live a fake life. I met my hubby and we’ve been together for for over 10 years.
    I turn 40 in 2 years and I think it’ll be bittersweet but BF hasn’t posted that decade yet so maybe BF can convince me that it’ll even better.

  7. hi bf i love this show also i’m glad you got avc to do this with you. i can’t wait for the rest of the shows. i to would like to hear about your 20’s.

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