5 thoughts on “BFO73 – Spaghetti & Cheese

  1. I used to love The Joker’s Wild when I was a kid.

    I could not believe it when you were talking about Survivor…mostly, I thought it had ended it’s run 14 years ago when Colby stole my heart. GOD, I wonder what HE looks like these days!

    Keep on being fat.

  2. Big Fatty

    My Grandmother, who was form the hills of West Virginia, made me Spaghetti and Cheese. Although she made it on the stove top, and there was never a Kraft mac&cheese dinner in her kitchen!

  3. Bill Cullen was a GOD! I think he has never been bested. Loved him.

    Okay. Now I’ve GOT to try Spag and Cheese. It sounds beyond devine.

    Lovin’ me some Fat.

    Cheesy kisses,

    PS – Is our ‘date’ still on for toinght?

  4. Again, I did not recognize the shows you mentioned for Bill Cullen except for the last one. I didn’t recognize the music until the last one. I don’t know what it is with all the older quiz programs but I guess I didn’t watch them. But the spaghetti and cheese sounds good. 🙂

  5. Spaghetti and cheese actually sounds really good. Something weird my mom made was “Chop Meat and Rice”. It was basically ground beef with white rice and a little tomato sauce. I never liked it!

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