BFO762 – New Decade of Ruination

It’s the first LITTLE SHOW of 2011 and the Fat One starts it off by going off the tracks within the first 10 seconds.  However, there’s BIG NEWS about the 2011 #1 Fan contest and and concurrent 2nd contest.  Plus the Fat One needs info on flying Southwest Airlines and coupons for good hotel deals for the upcoming California trip.  Happy Spicy Chick-a-Fil biscuit debut week.

5 thoughts on “BFO762 – New Decade of Ruination

  1. I fly Southwest Airlines to San Francisco all the time. It’s fine for a short flight like that. Here’s how you get a good seat. 24 hours before your flight is scheduled to leave, you log on and check in and print your boarding pass. You are given a boarding group and a number. It behoves you to check in as soon as possible because the sooner you check in, the better boarding group you are given.

    You board by letter groups A, B, C, or D, and within each group people line up 1-60. So the person who has A1 is the first to board, while the person who has D60 is the last person to board. Once you get on board, you can grab any seat that’s open.

    If I check in right away, I usually get the end of group A or beginning of B, and there are plenty of seats to choose an isle or window. But even if you get a middle seat, it’s still a fast flight. And really, if you got a middle seat, the people who’d suffer the most would be the people who had to sit on both sides of you.

    Thank you for flying!

  2. That is the longest message ever Wes.

    A lot going on @ the Bacon home and work! It can only get better!

    Anyway, there is a train idling on the tracks next to the house but I think I am sleepy enough to go back to sleep! I am obviously missing some of the best shows yet this year! I will catch up today!!!

    Let’s see, why did I stop? Oh, who knows?

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