7 thoughts on “BFO8 – VD Week Gazing

  1. Oh no, not this Michael is Slutgart again…. not another obnoxious comment from that fat listener…
    I am sorry. I have to raise my voice again. Call me a pain in the heart that you don’t have if you call me a rude thing like that!

    But I couldn’t help it, British John was soo sweet (although HE doesn’t have a heart either for an old queen weeping in the street, the naughty boy!).

    He is 24 – I believe that now. I just realized that he could be Michael’s and Mr-SuperBee’s son. No, he couldn’t be, he’d have more hair then. Although I must say, bald guys can be quite sexy 🙂
    I wish there were more straight guys like BJ. He is fantastic, cool and nice .

    Thank you Big Fatty for your wonderful podcast. It is an outstanding and splendid addition to the p the podosphere – and we LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!!

  2. Wow…you got quite the exclusive interview with British John! He’s actually very interesting. I wonder how he reacts to the idea that he might be gay.

  3. I think we could all help Big Fatty get onto the iTunes quicker. Those of us who do use the computras and the iTunes should search for his show, and when it doesn’t show up, click on “Request” in the lighter blue band. You’ll need to submit your name and email address, plus the RSS url and podcast name. If enough of us do this, we will probably convince the iTunes to put a little fat on their store!

  4. To my great pleasure I have just noticed that itunes finally embraced the fat and I can see him downloading right now 🙂
    Congratulations BF – I think you can pull out now the finger from itunes behind – they’ve probably enjoyed that experience too much to accept you at once 🙂

  5. Very interesting show with British John and loved his story about the broadway homo and have to agree it will be a hard one to follow – wait always love to follow a hard one!

  6. Sweet Mother Of God,
    British John was on and I missed it since I didn’t have Interweb access all week. I’m wondering if Big Fatty had the Salad Creme after speaking with the BJ.

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