10 thoughts on “BFO009 – Poppers, Music and Voice Letters

  1. Regarding video head cleaners & nose burn: Another proctective ploy is to coat the nostrils and bottom of the nose with a dab from that open can of Criso. Or, if feeling adventrous, Vicks Vapo-Rub…

  2. OK, what does the fact that I knew the memory lane music in the first 3 notes mean? Ahhh the fireworks!! the bed in the street!! the flugelhorn! My high school band director (and john denver look-alike) played the flugelhorn, which of corse caused a few of the cornet players in the jazz band to take it up.

  3. Wow this show was so helpful – when I ever do poppers (never) I will know what to do!

    I still use stamps now and then but it is nothing like before and that is exactly the reason why the costs are going up since we aren’t use them as much as we have had in the past.

  4. Loved the opening. I’ve lost 2.5 pounds this week. Yeah!

    I found the pillow case ironing to be funny from Bill’s call too!

    I actually don’t know much about poppers. I’ve only used them once in my life and really didn’t like the feeling I got. So thanks for all the information. Doubt I’ll ever get into them but don’t mind if others do.

    I loved American Style. I used to watch that with the family. I remember it being a bit racy at times. I missed the horn in the music.

    I use stamps too for some things. I don’t do all my banking online so I still need stamps.

  5. Ha! Thanks for rhe Memory Lane, BF! I seem to remember watching that on Friday nights. As far as I know, Charo was never on it–maybe it was a bit before her “time”? It seemed like every has-been (or soon to be has-been) of the day was on the show, though.

    Tried poppers only once. I didn’t inhale. And I didn’t enjoy it. Or something…

    I sometimes use stamps, which are less expensive than in the US and have a reasonable chance of getting almost anywhere in the country is a day, maybe two.

    Davidb: “which of corse caused a few of the cornet players in the jazz band to take it up.” Did it. now? Did you use poppers?

    Archerr’s lost a kilogram! Well done!

  6. as it seams that inquiring minds want to know, other than an occasional proximity whiff during a group grope, I do not use poppers.

  7. Speaking as someone who has also ingested poppers (inadvertently, i might add), I can vouch for the fact that it’s something you NEVER want to do. Much vomiting ensues afterward…

  8. OK so. I liked “Love American Style” in the re-runs, but the originals were a little bit before my time. So I didn’t know who any of the stars were as a kid.

  9. Big Fatty is so calm & collected despite the inappropriate touching subject matter. Favorite episode ever!

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