10 thoughts on “BFO10 – BF Loves Cox

  1. Oh lord…better be careful, BF, or you’ll have 6 shows this week after all. RUINED! And: happy VD!

  2. Why no mention of Bernie from Room 222? He was the tall, skinny, white guy with the world’s biggest afro. Almost put me off the gingers for life.

  3. I wasn’t certain about the Memory Lane theme, but once you said it, of course I was one of the folks talking back and saying what the connection to VD was (and I thought it was funny the way you started today by talking about “VD Day” after I heard you chastise Archerr for doing the same–which just goes to show I really do listen to almost everyone).

    The penny should have been eliminated years ago. Here in NZ, they got rid of the 5 cent piece a little over a year ago, leaving 10, 20 and 50 cent, $1 and $2 coins. We managed just fine after the switch: Prices didn’t go up, children didn’t cry, animals weren’t frightened and the sun continued to rise. The lowest value paper note in NZ is $5. Paper money is cheaper to make, but it only lasts a fraction of the time that a coin does. I think the US should drop the penny and the dollar bill and have a dollar coin instead.

  4. Good Lord, I had to cry a river of tears over that story with Mrs Cocks – that was so nice and beautiful 🙂 Look darling, now you are the old lady showing little boys her chocolate box –
    Happy belated Valentine, Big Fatty – you are our sweet gift from podcast heaven xoxox

  5. Why wouldn’t you want to see me naked? Too much for ya? hehe

    Again, I watched Room 222 when I was a kid. Before you said the name I was saying it outloud. I also figured out why you used it on Valentine’s day. Perfect!

    Oh, that picture of your balls…..I can’t get it out of my mind! I deleted the picture a long time ago but can’t get it out of my mind.

    I can actually remember getting two days off from school for Lincoln and Washington. Now we are ripped off and only get one day. Oh well.

  6. It’s ok big fatty, you don’t need to send me a picture of your balls. I’m sure someone else will 😛 kidding!

    XO, Nessa

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