7 thoughts on “BFO888 – In Search of Corn Nuts

  1. Too good people don’t listen to the Saturday show, they would see that no unicorns & rainbows can be found here today 🙂 Guess it didn’t fit! 😀

  2. Hello BF, if you like anything bbq and you like corn nuts, you will love them together.

    Happy Flippin’ Monday before the flying sparks. I love the 4th of Jult – since we are all flooding in the ND’s & SD’s, there should be NO fire danger. Did you know that? We are flooding all over the place? I may skip the plane ride to Vegas and just get me a sail boat.

    Meh! Please wink at Larry for me, he likes it when you do! Toodles!
    (Speaking of Toodles, what does Poodle McNoodle do all day?).

  3. Did I thank you enough for coming by to my little show discussion group on last Saturday? It was very nice of you. Thank you.

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