BFO902 – BF Shares Some Music

Based on a suggestion by Atom Neutron, today the Fat One plays some of the songs and music that he enjoys.  Let me know if you like the idea and wish me luck with the Hats all weekend.  Happy Full Moon!

10 thoughts on “BFO902 – BF Shares Some Music

  1. Five minutes in, racing through my mind: ‘And he calls me bat shit crazy?’.

    Poor Big Fatty.

    Now back to the fiber-induced regular program ….

  2. *Spoiler Alert* (I think)
    Surely there are some of us that are keeping track of coupon savings in order to win a coverted BFO t-shirt this year.Too easy now that we know how it works I say.
    Has anybody been keeping track of gentleman callers? Could the total number of GC’s be the t-shirt answer this year?

  3. Do the HATS have any clue what that crazy music that keeps coming from your phone is?(Grinder)
    Thanks again for taking time away form the GC’s and spending it with me.

  4. “How Deep is Your Love” Pure Vulgar. Had to sneek a gentlemen’s caller reference huh?

  5. Listened to the show on the way to work this morning. Thoroughly enjoyed it. But, where was the Henry Mancini or Herb Albert?

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