BFO792 – Very Fragrant

The Fat One closes out the week (and prepares for the arrival of the Ginger Bear) with the coupon, a visiting to the P.O. Box and some Sing Along Memory Lane Music.  Happy VD weekend and special thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s special show art.


  1. Happy Valentine’s day BigFatty and PMN.
    Have a great time with BigRicky!

  2. The candles were supposed to be coupons. Unfortunately I didn’t test the colour markers on the spongy paper before hand so I ruined it. The paper absorbed the colour and faded away. Above that I tried to draw “%” signs on them: that looked crappy.
    As I supposed you wouldn’t see the difference I send it anyway 😀

  3. This is for the fat cave visitors and an ask big fatty : once you leave, are you ever the same? I hope we have a Gaze to look forward to on Be My Valentine Day ;-). And no, I have not listened – I tried to last night & no such luck! Course its not St. Patricks day, when one could expect ‘luck’. I am at the airport in Albuquerque flying to Denver to then fly to Minneapolis – I hate United. Ugh! Well, it is time for thiS one sided conversation to end. Oh, WWF – the connection at the Holiday Inn on Jefferson was sporadic at best.

    Happy Valentines Day Weekend BF – you truly are a sweetheart to your listeners!

    Poodle McNoodle – meh!

  4. I laaaavvvveee how every time you say my name it get longer and longer. DEAR GUSSIE! The terlet has been fixed and the car is up and running, so I have a quick get-away just in case Ricky brings back the SLING from his trip to the south cackalackie!!!