4 thoughts on “BFO792 – Very Fragrant

  1. The candles were supposed to be coupons. Unfortunately I didn’t test the colour markers on the spongy paper before hand so I ruined it. The paper absorbed the colour and faded away. Above that I tried to draw “%” signs on them: that looked crappy.
    As I supposed you wouldn’t see the difference I send it anyway 😀

  2. This is for the fat cave visitors and an ask big fatty : once you leave, are you ever the same? I hope we have a Gaze to look forward to on Be My Valentine Day ;-). And no, I have not listened – I tried to last night & no such luck! Course its not St. Patricks day, when one could expect ‘luck’. I am at the airport in Albuquerque flying to Denver to then fly to Minneapolis – I hate United. Ugh! Well, it is time for thiS one sided conversation to end. Oh, WWF – the connection at the Holiday Inn on Jefferson was sporadic at best.

    Happy Valentines Day Weekend BF – you truly are a sweetheart to your listeners!

    Poodle McNoodle – meh!

  3. I laaaavvvveee how every time you say my name it get longer and longer. DEAR GUSSIE! The terlet has been fixed and the car is up and running, so I have a quick get-away just in case Ricky brings back the SLING from his trip to the south cackalackie!!!

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