BFO795 – Smokehouse Flavor

The Fat One heads to the P.O. Box and comes to the Fat Cave with a couple of surprises.  Plus there’s a run down of the Horror Weekend Schedule and more!


  1. There went my cheerios. Hearing about your girlskaping by that poor barber during breakfast is too much. Enjoy your weekend honey and give Michael Brandon a special Beaver hug. He is my fb pal and a gentleman 🙂

  2. That is, if you REALLY meet him!

    PS: Tell Michael that I am SO grateful 🙂 that he posted that picture on his twitter last time 🙂

  3. Were you ever in a Spelling Bee?

  4. I just love the new segment. And the into music is just lovely.

  5. Artisan you Moron. Not Artesian.

  6. Good GAWD after I declared I was going to listen to this horror I got interrupted like 6 times and when I finally made it to the end the blackberry gave up with less than four minutes to go and I could not even tell you what the show was about…….g’night!!

  7. I should say first of all that your Artwork is vulgar seen from everybody in the office as I am typing here. Vera not safe for work.

    Second I had a scare when you mentioned the flouloulous, I haven’t sent you lately anything and I thought I was the only fatty fan in Mexico. But now I am released it’s not me.