BFO971 – Get Your Affairs in Order

The Fat One has the hiccups and cannot get rid of them but the LITTLE SHOW must go on.  There are voiceletters and more.


  1. Question: you said last evening there was something for me on the show. Just to be clear, the something is you have a game show game for the insignificant prize in mind? Is that what ii was to get from the little show? Ok. Thanks. Can’t wait. I will play too, since you are coming up with the game.

    I thoiught it was something like my own music or something. I think I had my own on the little fatty cast, something about being hung like a dawnkeY. Or maybe I am mistaken.

    Don’t bother though, when I become a lurker you woll have no use for it.

    Love ya big fatty.

  2. I hope the huge scrotum sight scared you and stopped the hiccup!

  3. Ham bush? Don’t get it as usual.

  4. You need this, it gives a new meaning to playing with BF balls.

  5. I agree with HatM. We need subtitles for thelittleshow!