BFO1072 – What’s His Name?

Poor Big Fatty. He took a stop backwards in his recovery plus he can’t remember anything. But thankfully there are some voiceetters and a couple of “Ask Big Fatty” questions. Happy National Cereal Day.


  1. I thought you could charge extra for the rings

  2. Maybe you should let the Gimp out once and a while to clean.

  3. Did Larry Klye & Miss Kitty come over & throw out your hoarded goods a couple years ago? Good friends don’t let friends drown in their own stench (: poor Big Fatty!

    I didn’t sound crazy, did I? Must be this. Old age??

    Hatm How dare you! He was mocking my call when I was trying to say pppppppeeeeeeee-ooooohhhh box! I love Hatm!

    Us KB’s (: I love her too! So much!

    I wish Gu would call in once a week and I wish DI+ would prank call once a month! Wish in one hand and crap in the other …

  4. Kb (the beautiful one) is the best! I feel honored to share initials /and she is queen of WWF!

  5. I sang about the POBox because Crazy Bacon sang too. That’s karaoke switching.